Greenough level 6, finology

Changed my 2+1 set-up( a 7.2" level 6 + side-bites) to a single; much better wave catching. I want to try a 8.5" paddle fin as a single…friends say I’ll lose drive, but the extra hold (without going to a larger/longer fin) and looser feel (I imagine) should be a fair trade off…yes?? It’s a 8’10’’ Stewart…thinner w/harder rails than a 9’. Jeez, I hate to throw another fin on the growing pile. OH…does anyone know a good shop to rent a board, in Kaua’i…??? Thanks

whats a good shop?

I have a few boards

that have pleased a few people

where are you staying?

whats a good board?

I have mostly single fins

you want I should glass you up a hottie?

you wanna rent a new board

or a beat-up piece o’ junk?

you want to surf 8’tubes

or Impress girls at the malt shop with an interesting fin?

you coming tuesday or in october?

so many new friends ,so little time


farms…in berkley?

Don Sherwood,rest in peace

Ambrose, thanks for the help. This Friday, I’ll be searching for my digs, somewhere south of Kaapa, between the beach and some shopping center. Board ?..anything that fits the conditions…usually ride between a 7’10’’ and a 9…got fish ?, would really like to try one. Oh yea, we got farms in Berkeley…just need to know where, ha!

The Stage 6 is a weird duck. I’ve tried my 8.5 in several of my boards and…weird. No drive but very positive tight turns with little loss in momentum. I did get the feeling that there was something very good there but I didn’t have the water time to figure it out. You sure won’t spin out! My boards are short and wide. It just might fire with a 2+1 set up.

You’ll never know unless you try…

Yea, a friend put a 9" Level 6 on a short board, and was bummed; then he added side bites and he was in heaven (more or less). I’m trying to get into waves easier (pushing 58 and the elbows and forearms are complaining), and I can really feel the difference without the sidebites. Going to a single 8" ‘regular’ fin (Ca. Classic-TruAmes…filed down the trailing edge a bit), I had tons of drive during transitions, that the 7" #6, with side bits, didn’t deliver.