Greenough video

Does anyone know the move or source for this Youtube clip of George Greenough?





either the fantastic plastic machine

or hthe hot generation...

i'll have to watch'em tonight to be certain.

Thanks for your reply. Confirmation of the original film would be much appreciated,





That shot is in State of S

Hey Bob,

Children of the Sun…pretty sure

the hot generation


Yep children of the sun for sure. Checked my copy. Probably the only classic NZ surf movie

Thanks all. Now I am confused. Children of the Sun and the Hot Generation seem to be different films, made about a year apart: 1967 /1968.  State of S is a later movie so it could contain footage from one of these earlier movies.


Karl & Dansan - can I check that you both watched the Youtube clip and all the material in the clip is contained in the  respective movie that you have?









Hey Bob

I watched a minute of both and they were identical

I'll watch both all the way through tonight and confirm


Paul Witzig the distributor of the Hot Generation told me it wasn’t the Hot Generation.  karl if you could confirm Children of the Sun that would be very useful.






can confirm that it is Children of the Sun. Just played it back .It is the second sequence of Greenough scenes .First he shares with surfer ,Wayne Parks?, few sequences later he is out there with his camera . Innocent times ,quiet breaks,





Thanks for the confirmation. I was especially interested in Greenough being described as riding a bellyboard which seems to have been the way they were refrred to then,




Try the people on this link:

Many are pretty familiar with the GG history

He’s riding VELO, so your dating is correct.  He moved to edge boards late.


re edge boards do you mean standard knee boards.



There’s a thread here on sway’s that has a lot of info about the edge board spoons. I don’t remember what the title is. I’m sure some searching will find it. It will take you to this site:

George’s spoons evolved from a rounded bottom up front to one with a flatter bottom and a hard edge just before the rail. This gave him the speed of the flat bottom and the control of the spoon’s upward curved rail. I think he even has small chines along the bottom edge that are like very small long keels for more bite.

I think it would be very interesting to use the edge bottom design on a short board like a modified mini Simmons. Just make a Greenough board that has all the foam down the center instead of cutting it all out.

Mmmm. Now that sounds interesting.any measurement suggestions . How wide the flat area . .my height is 5 8",168"lbs. Saw dales version . Wild .