Greenroom (Axis/Choice) Surfboards

Wondering if you guys have heard of this label, I’m considering buying one but I’m not 100% sure, for the same price I could get a cooperfish, but I’m tempted because its a local shaper. He says he has shaped for Joel and Kassia, and Dylan Thomas and Jimmy G. I dunno any feedback?

Ride what looks good to you.

I’m a little hesitent to spend 750$ on 9’0 that “looks good”. For 750$ I can only get volan and a special blank (2 sticks an inch apart) no color or anything else. Dosn’t that seem a little expensive?

that’s – Rich Pavel- you will get a masterpiece instead of a beautiful but–old design

Will somebody please post some photo’s of these gems.

GET THE CHOICE! Magic is, more often than not, a bit more than a mouse click away. You could also go around the corner and get a 9’ south coast for around $500, but why would you wanna do that?

I’m considering getting a southcoast, do you think getting a greenroom board is worth the extra 200? If i went with southcoast I could get volan and color for less then a volan board from Rich. I’m just super confused about buying a new board.

Get the the Choice board. Take care of it, make it last. The money you’d save getting another board will probably be wasted on burritos anyway.

I think you just convinced me, and im 100% serious. I buy a lot of burritos, and they certinly aren’t making me surf any better

i would pick the greenroom/choice/axis/rich pavel/toby/brewer/rainbow/ etc etcetc

Toby will sell you board if you need one. Rob Ard (south coast) will sell you a board too. Toby is a master craftsman and one of the best shapers in the world. Rob Ard is a capitalist who owns a shop that resembles Nordstrom’s by the sea. Toby makes a living shaping and selling surfboards. Rob makes a living selling quicksilver and billabong to the masses. Decisions, decisions…

Ahh you see toby? You come pokin’ around, and what do you find. Told ya so! Rich pavel is a master craftsman in all levels of shaping. I trust my life to my axis 8’4" pintail. Surfed in 20 foot faces on 5 continents. Also the closest replicator to malcolm Campbells 5 fin bonzer design…hands down.

yes he shaped many boards for davey miller,shaped with brewer for acouple yrs(your brewer gun is probably a toby,hahah) lifetime friend with steve lis, made many pros boards even though they have differnet logos ! and on and on he’s also areally fun guy and friend. Surf on tobias[smile]!