greg liddle 6-10 damon model

absolute perfection! thanks for posting the pics spence. could you get some shots of some of your mid-length hulls posted? these types of designs are what i am most interested in.

I especially like Spencer’s comments on blending all the curves together. I’ve got a blank stripped and outlined for a 6’8 stubbie using a Liddle 'tweener as a basis…I’ve been staring at the blank and then the board and back for a couple of days now not knowing where to start…It’s all so subtle that it seems effortless until you really look close and throw a straight edge on it…I hope Greg, Paul or Spence get a couple of their creations scanned so the whole thing doesn’t get lost for the future.

Hey Spence, any chance of getting a side view showing the rocker, foil, and s-deck? Thanks for the inspiration- murph

I’ll borrow camera from school tomorrow and take some more photos.