Greg Loehr (speed spray)

I am painting a lot of furniture and have found that using your Resin Research Speed Spray over paint gives it a really nice flat sheen…much flatter than anything I have found as of yet.I am using it as a clear coat over acrylic paint and also over lacquer.I would appreciate any input,maybe you have a new market.Thanks alot. R. Brucker

Interesting… we developed that off a formula for furniture finishing from the base component company but we flattened it more than the suggested amount. Furniture finishers don’t have the deep scratches that we deal with in surfboard finishing. But what your talking about is the actual finish being better flat. We’ve also used it on pictures to flatten the photo and get rid of glare. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks.Sometimes I thin it a bit.Would using denatured alchohol as the thinner versus water increase the drying time as in acrylic paint or am I looking at a disaster?Lastly if I wanted to put a bit of say…amber tint to it would fresca colors work?Sorry to bug ya on a non surf related deal. R.Brucker

Use water for thinning. It doesn’t take much. As far as colors, I would think any water based color would work. Stay away from oil based.