Been surfing one of Greg’s new bamboo veneer boards and it is unreal. The board is still light, but super strong, haven’t even got foot indentions after two weeks and was only glassed with one layer of 4 oz cloth. The board is way faster than a regular foam board. Thanks for the board Greg

hey mr holland

here wouter from zuid-holland!

we have a custom on sways, that includes pictures or videos, could you do that??

you can either refer us to a place where to find them, or… post them right here, on sways!!

other than that what is the board like, shapewise?


Welcome to Swaylock’s, Todd!

I don’t think you need any introduction here, cool to have a world-class power surfer on board.


Good to have another “Todd” hanging around here.

Post some pics


Great… ANOTHER " Todd" …

See I told you all, I told you so. You were all bitching at me, “oh look, Little Resinhead drank to koolaid…Resinhead must be some sort of Minion for Greg Loheior”

Obviously Todd Holland has lost his mind, it’s obvious that Todd Holland couldn’t tell a good surfboard from a POS! Proposterious!! HOW CAN A FANCY EPS BAMBOO SURFBOARD SURF BETTER THAN MY GOOD OL’ PU~PE!







The board has been posted under the WDM thread, Greg posted it a few weeks back.

hi Todd, good to have you on here. you and your surfing were an inspiration while i was growing up surfing.

thanks for the report on Greg/your board. welcome to sways…

Thanks Todd. The board is essentailly the same shape as the yellow railed board that was in the WMD Compsand youtube. Standard squashtail shortboard. Todd just told me he off to Panama with it. And yes, welcome Todd.

seems like we’re missing a flag here…

Todd Holland without his trade mark flag just doesn’t seem right…

He was “da hui” before anyone here thought up the idea…

legend, always true to his roots…

they don’t make guys like him, kong, dane and potz anymore

Oneula … you got to see him surf HI? I only got to see videos.

maybe a bit i don’t remember him having any problems surfing the waves here. he could handle hawaiian power with no problem. kind of like how Richard Schmidt fit in naturally at sunset beach better than alot of locals.

but i admired the fact that he stayed true to his country boy confederate flag flying roots no matter what the liberal image surf community said he should be doing as a “professional” to protect their california magazine selling image.

Kind of like dane kealoha telling the white south africans to f-off before flying home when they told him he needed to use the colored facilities at the dunston 500.

todd and dane surfed strong and stayed true to who they were like my idols BK and Terry F did decades before them.

did their talking in the water carving not sliding their tails around like the crew surrounding them.

Yea, Todd can set an edge. You know Eddie went to S. Africa and the media there made this BIG deal before he went that he WASN"T black and shouldn’t be treated as such. This was back in the 70’s and it almost seems absurd now that it was still like that in the 80’s. Of course it seems unbelievable that blacks couldn’t vote in the US until 68. Hard to believe that MLK never voted.

But Todds from NC and he’s true to his roots as you stated. In many ways a “good ole boy” in all the good of that conatation. Some see that as a some country bumkin kind of term but in the real world outside of urbania it means someone who is trustworthy and upstanding. And that is Todd. And yea, it doesn’t fly well in the surf world accept for in some remote enclaves. For instance, no one is more respected than Todd in places like W. Oz.

A true Dixie Patriot.  True to his roots and thankfully could have cared less about political correctness which is nothing but cowardice and willful ignorance anyway.  Welcome to swaylocks Todd. Fearless surfer and always appreciated your straight shooting ways as a rep. Glad to see another man from Dixie here.


So more long gone and dead threads revived?