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YouTube video -----> How To Build A Longboard

Video gone?

Makes me think of hackeysackey…

makes my planer techneque look clumsy–when i carve wood it feels like i’m in a time warp , now if only i could work that cleanly…

I had the honor of getting to shape for Greg about 20yrs ago. He spent the day in the shaping room with me and personally guided me thru three boards to dial me in. With all the hype and BS that surrounds so many people in the surf bizz I was not sure what to expect from an old “has been” who was resurrected to be the front man for a clothing co. Let me tell you THE MAN CAN SHAPE! Craftsman all the way. He showed me things I still use to this day. One of the highlites of my shaping career. Taught me the fine art of using a “cheese grater”. Foam just gave up and did what he wanted. Funny funny guy. The kind of guy I would have hung out with when I was young that my mom would have hated. Typical SURFER.


Good description of Greg. Heard many a story about him from a good friend of his, Jim Fisher. Jim was also a friend of ‘‘Mouse’’ as well.

My wife and I were travelling through his home town on the north coast, stepped into a lunch diner on the beach, and a few minutes later Greg Noll and his wife sit down at the next table.

He ended up inviting us to sit down with them, and we then spent the next hour and a half with the most cheery, irreverent, funny and non-BS guy you could imagine.

The restaraunt had a copy of Drew Kampions book on Greg Noll’s work over the years - “The Art of The Surfboard” (a wonderful work) - which was put together with a lot of help from Greg’s wife. So the hour and a half was spent with Greg talking about the stories that surrounded the boards and work within the book as he leafed through the pages. For a surfer who first paddled out in 63’, It just doesn’t get any better then that…

There has been some hella characters in our tribe over the years, and some hella surfers and shapers - but only one Greg Noll, a hella character, surfer and shaper!!


… Jim was also a friend of ‘‘Mouse’’ as well.

You don’t mean “PowerMouse”, do you?

If so, he’s a buddy. Still killing it, still surfing Dave Sweets (50 years or so now). Up my way these days (geographically, just about halfway between ACE & Greg Noll).

Still knows every waitress for 50 miles in any direction and can describe her to a “T”.

Did I mention he kills it? If he’s out, best surfer in the water.

‘‘Mouse’’ is named Jim Rob, surfs OB, and Sunset Cliffs, in San Diego. He’s a good friend of ACE. Jim is in his mid 70’s ( I think) and still surfs.

Funny… Power Mouse is Jack Ellis, and he’s at LEAST 65… :wink:


Makes me think of hackeysackey…

Gotta ask… how come? I can’t think of a connection besides our first names in common!

Hack (shape) a surfboard with an axe!! Never saw that one…

So… Hack…ey …and then Saky just comes naturally!

So why is your name hackeysaky?

Ah, I see the connection now.

Originally tried to sign on to the ER message board as “sak” (abbreviation of my last name) but it was already taken (but I’ve never seen anyone post with it).

Tried a few combinations incorporating “sak” and finally settled on “hackeysaky” when it went-through. The origin of that nickname is from a time long ago when my lifeguard co-workers used to burn downtime by kicking around a hackey-sack on rain-days. A senior guard dubbed me “hackeysaky” and it stuck.

Brought the name over to swaylocks when I registered for consistency.

Having grown up in Palos Verdes I can’t help but wondering who the two “Palos Verdes Surfing Club” members are???

I just read the bio of Miki Dora by David Rensin and right at the beginning he describes Palos Verdes and Manhattan Beach as the Tigris and Euphrates of California surfing. Those being my main haunts I can feel some satisfaction in the connection to history (seeing how the satisfaction of being connected to good waves is pretty rare).

“Mouse” is 75 still surfing, running the beach, paddling, now even SUPing. There was a meeting of the OB historical society the other nite. Mouse was there with Marsh Malcomb, Bud Caldwell, Judy Dibble, Woody Ekstrom and all the other “surviving” original Sunset Cliffs crew. There was a slide show of their old photos from the 30’s 40’s. The room was PACKED. Great stuff.


Say hello to him for me. Maybe he should now be ‘‘Iron Mouse’’, what do you think?