Greg Webbers "new' Twin

Hi all,

Here’s GW’s latest:

Looks bit like Halcyon’s new board, check the Joey’s gift thread.

It F*@king kills me that I cannot get a Webber surfboard in the US withouth resorting to the surftech route (I’ve seen a few good …lost webbers, but am pretty sure that the …lost/webber partnership went sour after webber went with surftech, so there are no more to be had)… the shapes are so damn spot-on to what I like. Even if I wanted to stoop to that level, at 6’1" x 18.25" x 2 3/16", the surftech webber shortie is a tad too narrow for my likes.

That twin looks nice and sound good in theory.

E-mail Greg - address is on his site. GW uses APS3000s and I’m pretty sure there are some in CA now. PM Miki to find out where they are. GW could do a custom design for you, email to your nearest machine.