Been trying to order a board from G Griffen and have been unsuccessful contacting him thru the website over the past few weeks.  Possible problem with my computer or his.  Are there any other alternatives anyone knows of.  I assume he is still producing boards but am unsure.


i'm trying to sell a 5'10 modfish.  3 months old in va beach. have one buyer in nj. if that falls through would you be interested?

Was looking to get a 5 fin shortboard.  Why are you selling the board? Problems?  Already tried the website email multiple times without answer so was wondering how anyone else got in touch with him.

what domain are you attempting to send the email from?

have you tried sending from alternate addresses?

greg is not an email person i think!

call him

He’s still making boards and the email address posted above is correct. In my experience, he has always responded within 24 hours (usually much less).

I only have one email address.  I am not sure what you mean by "what domain are you sending it  from".  I have never had a problem sending emails before.  Does anyone have a phone # for him?  I could try sending an email from work but it is the same setup as I have at home.  I think I need an alternate way of contacting him since all of the threads people have written state that he responds quite quickly.


Hunter, (TheBoys on this site) in Wilmington has several Griffins.  PM him and see if he knows what's up.  I almost think I saw something somewhere about him being out of touch while moving his shop or ???



It is all good.  Just received a call from G Griffin, computer problems hopefully to be solved soon.  Thanks for the help everyone.