Grip on IndoBoard

I’ve had an IndoBoard for about 6 or 7 years now, and have used the thing so often that the grip on the deck is worn down. It makes it hard to stay on, especially when riding barefoot. Has anyone ever recoated one or have ideas as to how to do it? I was thinking resin with sugar or sand in it, which I think someone said was used on surfboard decks in the 70s? but ripped up your chest if you weren’t wearing a wetsuit. Obviously that doesn’t matter since I’ll just be standing on it, but how easy is that to apply?

I’m also making another deck for my brother and he wants a picture on the top of it. I was thinking of using mod podge to adhere to the poster to the wood and then a coat of resin (or whatever method of gripping I go with) over it. Whatever I use I want to make sure the picture is clear underneath. Ideas?

I have a buddy who just put skateboard grip tape on his. Simplest fastest solution I can think of for yours. Don’t really have any good ideas for your brothers. Maybe a coat of resin w/ some clear sand  in it.


A couple of years ago I remember seeing that Morey’s “Slipcheck” was being sold again - what we used in the late days of longboards - that was the black on the Peck Penetrator, Blue Machine and all those colored doilly sprays that were around… Yeah, not good for bare skin or wetsuits. I think it may have come in clear…

Or check out  for a sprayable alternative - also comes in clear.


grip tape it like a stake board, you can buy clear grip tape.

Clear grip tape isnt very clear though. It distorts images pretty badly.

I used some non skid you can mix with varnish and paint it on for my indo board and its holding up good.

I didn’t use this brand but I found one like it at my local home improvement store.