Grizzly Dust Collector. (socal shapers)

Red Surf (Ding Repair) in Oceanside is sadly closing up shop permanently. He is selling his Dust Collectors for real cheap, he has two of these. Grizzly Dust collector, Model G1030, 3 HP, 2300 CFM. anyone interested let me know.

For what it’s worth - I own a half dozen Grizzly tools, including a much smaller dust collector. Good stuff, has held up well and the company stands behind it. The dust collector is a good buy at list price, let alone ‘real cheap’ - if ya need one, jump on it.

hope that’s of use


I am interested. Bummer he is closing down. Guess he was left with too many unpaid work jobs. He did show me a stack of unclaimed boards.

I finished the “whale-of-a-fish” on sunday. Keith is helping me out by dropping off the board at the glassers. Came out sweat!

Just had an operation on both big toes this morning so my fingers are doing the walking for the next two weeks ;-(

Let me know on the dust collector.