Grom Board

Hey guys, I’m working out a planshape for a friends son for a grom board. He’s 4’ 7" and weighs about 80 pounds soakin’ wet! Is there any other way to measure? My question concerns fin placement of the side fins. Should the fins be placed proportionately to the overall length of the board? Typical would be around 11 1/2" for a 6’ 2" …this board being 5’ 2" I was thinking around 10 1/2" up from the tail points. Board will be a 6" pulled swallow tail. Any thoughts on center fin placement are welcome also. I am adding some extra rocker with the center being 5" tailside. Toe in to be relaxed a bit to produce a little more drive. It’s like shaping a toy! Anyone that has ever experimented with this size let me know what you think. Thanks, MLC

Krokus: Give the new “search Swaylock’s” feature a try. See the box in the top right corner of any page, the archives have some earlier posts on this topic>>>>> try “grom board fin placement”>>>>>>( Good luck. Tom S.

Saw that Tom…Several threads that were informative. Wondering how some of these boards worked. Trying to put together a combo to do it all is tough! Thanks again. MLC