grom shortboard, rocker advice help?!

hi there,

so i’ve made a few boards for myself and for friends, but my friends kid brother asked me to make him a board, something arround 5’5 / 5’6 shortboard, i checked the archives but all i can find is info for dumpster divers and similar boards, i have never really made anything this small, and what i am stuck on and i was wondering was, how much rocker to put in the nose and in the tail?

oh and also was wondering about fin placement? i was thinking 3.5 center , 10.5, set 1.25 from rail, toe in 1 1/8 and with 5 degree cant, does that sound like it will be alright?

any help would be most appreciated as i’m quite stuck, and i will try post some pictures of the board when i have shaped it as-well, if anyones interested.


thanks. billy


I think it all depends on his ability to surf.?

The fin position seems a little too close together. the center might be ok but the sides are maybe to close.
Nose Rocker could be like a lot less than 5 inch and maybe 2 1/4 or less for the tail rocker.Some Kids prefer flatter rocker, but again it all depends on where he surfs.
Fin position is so crucial so maybe you need to reasearch that your self.
It took me a lot of boards to get it right so \i can`t really give it away.

Get your favourite board and try to ratio down the potioning of the fins down to the 5`6 range.

my 511 has centre fins 10cm from tail my 59 has centre fins 8 cm from tail and it can change in the range of 1 cm depending on the purpose of the board.

Sorry can`t help you much there.

do some math - take a normal size board of the design you want and scale it down proportionally to match.