Grovel board

I need a small wave board for this scenario:

Beach break - usually shoulder high waves in a dropping swell.

Usually good banks but plenty of crew to contend with. Take off moves

around a bit, as does the pack due to strong rips. Wave tends to break with

a wide, steep or hollow section and then run along the bank with a good wall.

Although sometimes the second part will be quite fat and gutless. What I’d like is a

board that could plane early and drive across the face of the take off

section before it pitches, so I can take off a bit deeper and earlier but I’d like the board to be loose enough still be thrown around on the walling section. I’m 65 kgs, intermediate ability, not very fit. I’d like to use the vacuum bagged sandwich construction Bert has posted. Stiffer and lighter is good for this situation I think. Here’s what I had in mind, appreciate opinions of the Swaylocks sages.

my opinion …

i think for grovel your bordering on not enough area for your weight …

the rocker and slices looked great , but i thought you needed a bit more width under the front foot and into the nose to help paddle and early planeing , it still follows the same line , but then it has a break or flyer so your tail width comes down to something managable … that flyer will give you a definite sweet spot to hook a turn in a tight spot on a small wave , the rest of the board will help with planeing on that dead spot between the outside and the reform on the shore …

i reckon this outline combined with everything else youve designed will be a nice package for your weight, age and the local conditions …

payment can be made to …(joke)

check my dimensions against yours …



Thanks Bert,

I’ll take your advice and go wider with the flyer (and a swallow to lose a bit of area behind the fins). When I did the file posted, I wanted to do it a bit wider but when the tail started hitting 15 inches I’d chicken out (not used to wide boards) didn’t think of doing a flyer - I’d gotten fixated on getting the perfect unbroken curve in the aps3000 software. As for payment, I think your contributions to this forum have deposited favours in accounts in your name all over the world. PM me if you need any errands run in Vic.