gummed up resin

Same jug of sanding resin. today’s repairs set up fine, day before yesterday’s set up fine. Yesterday’s work set up slightly tacky and gummed the hell out of the sandpaper. Weather didn’t change and the gel time didn’t seem noticably different.

Could be a slight change in temperature. Maybe shot it at a different time of day. Whatever, the wax didn’t rise and probably didn’t have time to because of temp or catylization.

mix the supply jug of sanding resin thoroughly.

mixmaster is right - you need to mix that stuff up. If you didn’t, you may have poured off most of the wax in the first couple of batches leaving you with incorrect proportions. I would shake it up, mix a small quantity with catalyst and see what happens. If this trial sample is still tacky you might add a shot or two of surfacing agent to your mix.