Gun control

I’m going to make one semi-gun (6’8) and one full-pin (7’4) for mainland mexico…pascuales and puerto escondido…big meaty top-bottom barrels.

I’m 5’7 and weigh around 172, am comfortable in 8-12’ face pascuales and am a strong paddler-

…what kind of bottoms/rails/thickness/rockers will these two diff boards need for the beachbreaks? Also, can I get away w/ using some fin system instead of g-ons? Will a thicker stringer and or heavier glass really lessen the chance of either board snapping?

I was thinking of using these two blanks…

7’0 R- semi-gun

7’9 A- pintail

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

Majority of boards I"ve owned are longer semis and fulls…

6 bottom, double 6 decks with 3/4 patches and a little tail 6 patch…

At your weight, go around 19", not too narrow…

Anything with juice, slight belly to V is the bottom of choice.

Anything including DOH, usually right around 3" thick with bigger laps for breaking strength…

LokBox is strongest, FinUnlimited (Chinook) stronger but maybe overkill…

Seems your 6’8"er and your 7’4"er will paddle and catch waves the same, but the longer board will draw things out much more. You lose lots of float, paddle, and wave catching going to full pins, so you gotta make it up with going much longer than 8" difference.

Don’t forget to cap the finboxes with double 4’s.

Most guys go double leash cup, attaching the two together then the leash to both.

Try to order 1/4" stringer for shorter, maybe even more or triple stringer for longer board…makes a huge difference in control and confidence

Thanks for the advice!

A tail patch of 6oz…Just for the back foot…like the deck patch is for the front foot?

Since you think that the 7’4 pin is a waste, what length would you go for a full pin? Where is the lay of dem. returns for length vs. manuverability in making the drop, then pulling under the curtain? 7’8 pin?

Or would I be better w/ a 7’4 semi for bigger days than the 6’8 semi?

Thanks again for all the advice-

I will paraphrase an article written years ago by Dave Parmenter about guns. Guns are just wave catching machines. It’s all about confindence- take off deep, make the drop, bottom turn, maybe pull in, hopefully make it to the shoulder. What’s good enough for Pat Curren is good enough for me.

Dare you go where your board will take you? Why not make a full on gun? Say an 8’-4" x 19" x 3"?? And while you’re at it put a 1/2" stringer on it.