hi all. been a long while since i had time to get on the ol’ internerd… thanks to a mental busy spell on the building site coupled with the best winter that we have ever witnessed over here.

basically didnt even get a winter- got into my 3/2 steamer for only 5 weeks (water just chilled abit),but perfect hot sunny weather right thru, then back into my 2mm short top!!! boardies is just round the corner.

even had a mid summer tan from june till now. but the best part was the waves… oh my god unexplainable. the tubes… i gotta stop! hope everyone else gettin their share too.

anyhow, i aint here to gloat…

sorta checked the archives but…help me out if your’re on my page??

my usual boards are 6’2" x18 1/2" x 2 1/4"

then i ride semi guns here for hollow days, 6’6" versions of the above, all my boards are similar “feel” to ride- all slight single to fairly generous double concs.

  • what do you lot think of keeping the same “concaved” feel into my full guns- 6’8" and 7’0" ( for g-land soon)

i have always followed the general rule of decent vee’s (right thru’-nose to tail) on my serious guns. these boards always work very well… but require a good dose of technique-change to ride…ya know?

i realise that technique change is to be expected going from head- and- a- half play tubes, to real-deal speedies at ten foot!! but im on a quest to get this years’ quiver to act more like a “family”…

who will talk some sense into me?

Only Yoy know what works for you ,and by the sound of things you do ,so go hard old boy and charge.

hey heist whenever i hear the word gun in relation to a board under 7 ft i spin cause my regular shorty is 6 10.

GO the flat bottom


7’0" X 20" X 2 1/2"thick, crown the deck to a thinner HARD down rail, nose to tail with a FLAT bottom and single fin.

Try it you’ll like it! Also catch waves earlier than you are accustomed to. (Not a bad thing.)

Concaves will be a little more skittish than Vee, and will hit the turns a good bit harder. So it sorta depends on your needs.

If you’d like to be able to hit turns harder and can stand it being a little more skittish, go concaves. If you’re holding on for dear life and drawing out turns, a solid reverse Vee will do you right.

to quote Butch Cassiday (or was it Paul Newman in the movie, "Butch Cassiday and the Sundance Kid):

“Who ARE those guys?”

Geez, my “tiny” board is 7’ x 22", my regular is a 7’10" x 20.5" RP flat bottom single fin, the town gun is 8’6"single fin and the big spear is 10’3" single fin. Guess that’s why (at 230#) I’m sitting a little outside the other 15 or 20 guys.


At 148lbs, I could easily ride a 7’6"x19.5x2.75"thick semimini gun for my everyday board.

Actually have for over 7 years…

But I surf outside breaking waves, or spots alone, and am content to pick off the biggest of the set waves, choosing to sit outside …

If you want your minigun to match the style of your regular board, you make the same bottom and outline, but elongate it.

Personally, for waves of consequence, I prefer slight belly to start of V at belly to accelerating V under rear foot to a fadeout with the tail kick…

Hey Charlie

I gotta admit you are a big guy…

Saw a older guy on a 7’4" Saturday I thought it was a 6’4" or something cause it was underwater and he was up to his chest waiting. I was showing him my Alekai Kinimaka used fat girl 7’3"x21.5"x3.25" who I hear is like 230 then he tells me hes weihs over 235lbs. Guy could rip though… He just got back from Fiji he said the swell was nothing compared to surfing big Fiji.

You probably were schooling the shorties struggling on the inside as well…

thanks boys… gonna hit that shaping bay in the a.m, while its cool ( got a tin roof- gets f**kin hot)… thanks for all your thoughts, i’ll carve my usual single to doub into the 6’8, and go with thru vee in my 7’0.

its nice to still be able to move round quickly in the tube wouldnt you say


My “tiny” board is 7’10"X 21 1/2", regular board is 8’10"X 23", and Guns are 9’, 9’7", and 9’10". I’m fighting to get my weight down under 230#.(235# now, down from 252#) The above boards are a mixture of single fins, and twin fins.