After many years longtime sander Stan Fuji has left Haakenson Fiberglass due to full timedemands of his other business machining boards in Ventura. 

Haakenson Fiberglass is a very clean & professional working environment paying the going rate for an experienced sander that can handle a high volume of work.  The shop is located in Goleta, just north of Santa Barbara and glasses for Channel Islands, Yater, myself and many other shapers in and around the area.

Bob is packed to the gills with work, and could start the right person immediately.  Please have references as to your ability and track record working for reputable operations.  No self proclaimed DIY’ers living in a Walter Mitty world ned apply.  You know if you cut it or not.

You can call Bob or Stephanie Haakenson at (805) 964.3036 and mention that you are responding to my post.  WE NEED YOU NOW if you’re the right person for the job and have a REAL WORK ETHIC.







Haakenson Fiberglass Inc.

20 S. Kellogg Ave Ste C

Goleta CA 93117

…so do you say not DIY ers; well: may be you that now seems a rock star(t) would do the job?

I only say that the board that I saw many years ago from that shop in Japan, shaped by you possibly sanded by that superb guy was average; however, boards done by small boardbuilders were top quality and glassing work on longboards by couple of great Californian shops were top of the notch.

I have been doing custom boards (all the board including glueing stringers etc) since 35 years ago and I want to move from this Country but seems that I cannot qualify by your superb standards…nor that I am interested in the money etc I am interested in the vibe and the tranquility regarding the violence that now is here since the way that were imposed by the populism many years ago in most American Countries (like what happened in African countries in the 70s)

Also, most in this forum are bakcyarders or small builders or people like Jim Phillips so nobody seem the right person for that job.


I don’t think Haakenson has got the time to stop and argue.