halo fins

anyone try those halo fins(D.Takayama)?Noah says they work great,but,not cheap,would like to know what someone who has them or tried them says.

bought two sets to try as a quad

actually put them in backwards the first time

funny in that I kind of liked them that way

worked differently when i put them in the right way

nothing spectacular but alot of distracting fun on my 6’2" Griffin fish

   Howzit Bernie, Just thought I 'd say Aloha since I haven't replied to any of your posts. Hope you and your brother are doing great and have a good time this weekend with Keith and his family,great people and I bet Proneman will be there also. Aloha,Kokua

  PS are you ever going to send me you and your brothers trunks size so I can send you both at least 1 pair each


Collectors items.

any pics of these fins ???


I bought mine at Hawaiian Southshore


got the 4 3/4" thruster set and the 4 1/8" sidebites to test as a quad on my Griffin 6'2" fish

They used to have a video of Noah Shimabukuro talking about them but its gone now.



Funny Story #99

after working one saturday i told myself i was going to reward myself and ran down and bought these fins then rushed down to haubush to try them after not having a great time surfing with my brother at cliffs.

Rushed down to the beach

quickly screwed on the fins and had some guy on the beach yell at me as I ran down to try them, "eh brudda you put your fins on backwards!" at which I responded. "that's the way these fins are made."

Surfed the rest of the afternoon surfing 2-3 high tide wind swept waves having a blast. Fins drove and turned on a dime. Just like they had a mind of their own..

It wasn't till later when I got home and checked the website again I realized that wow, I did put the fins on backwards (Curved side up front)..What a fool.. Funny thing was that after correcting the fin direction  they didn't seem to have the same feel, drive or snappiness to them.. Weird but true 

Greg would probably slap me silly for swapping out his custom G10 fins for these but I temporarily moved them over to my Modfish. And by the way Greg's fins work way better on Greg's boards. I've tried all kinds of replacements and they just don't feel the same even H2's and Carbonlites..

The Halo's are definitely different and fun but an expensive learning experience none the less..







Aloha Kokua

sorry for not making it up there last weekend

kind of over committed myself again with projects


we'll be out in force tomorrow before sunrise to stake out a spot at the Natatorium for Keith and Roger folks..

Always good to see the swaylocks guys get togethor when Keith's here..

but like Charlie said there's no waves to be seen and it'll be packed for the Okinawan Festival at Kapiolani Park and the Corvette show at the zoo.


I promise that Harry and I will make it there before the end of the year. Go! had $25 tickets recently.

I need to deliver a homemade board to a friend's brother who just moved there.

maybe by time I make it you'll have your new teeth and be finally healed to surf and Mobi will have its WIFI up on Kauai

Be nice to see you and all your friends like PPK, and Ambrose folks


Take care and hopefully see you soon


Mahalo for the feedback.

good story and understandable, many put the star-fin ( winged keel ) in backwards too...but hey if it went well, then who cares, why not try a mix of them in forward and backwards ???

YouTube - Takayama Halo Fin

variety is the spice of life , they say …

I’m gonna put mine in backwards now. I know this is a seriously old thread. But I’m a fan of the halos. I have an Arakawa wombat that has 5 fin boxes. I surfed it as a thruster with fcs fins in it, and as a quad with whatever kinda fcs I had. Its a damned good board. I prefer it as a quad. It’s for ishtty surf anyway, and the quad helps it glide. I demoed the halos one day and felt like superman. No kidding. It was just SO damned easy to surf. I chalked it up to a good meal and being in shape. I went back to my regular fins and was so bummed I was going to sell the board. Then I said “hey, maybe it was those weird ass fins”. went back and demoed them again and I was killing it again. In crappy crappy 1-2 foot high tide diamond head. I got one from the middle past the damned rock. So I bought a thruster set and then 2 side fins so I would have all 5 covered. I surfed em all winter on the north shore up to 6 feet. Nothing too hollow on that board, but I got plenty barrels. Its so easy. I got my first real double barrel on that board in a 4-6 foot day. Pulled in on the drop, came out hit the lip, pulled in again, came out and hit the lip again like a friggin pro.

It felt like they added a foot of foam when I was paddling, but made the board feel like it was between my feet and thats it. Like no tail or nose in the water. Just the rail between my feet. If its really junk and I try and throw a hard turn Ill dig a rail, but thats me being 195 pound clown in small surf.

If youre on Oahu go to hawaiian south shore and demo em. Theyre sick. Ive never tried em in Big mean hollow surf, because my step up takes futures and the Wombat has FCS. (Im a dumbass), but I WILL have a set in my step up before next winter for sure, or if town goes over 5 feet and I wanna ride my round pin I probably wont until I get a set for that board. No kidding. I have kinetic fins in there now and they kick ass too but… 

I tried the regular fiberglass and the bamboo and I wish i could tell the difference, but I cant. I have the bamboo now and I LOVE them. I wont surf certain spots anymore because I dont wanna ruin them. And I’m poor. Get em if you can.