hand planes and eps

Read many conflicting stories on sway's regarding hand planes.


would prefer to use a hand plane over a power due to mess, noise and the ability to quickly F&*^ things up...

Will a nice sharp hand plane work with a high grade EPS? My intention is to able to take a measured and accurate amount of foam off, I am working with 50mm sheets of eps so Im not taking huge amounts of volume off - i just want to always know im working to square and not hap hazard as can happen with a sanding block and sureform.



in my experience, no.

the beads will want to tear before they will be sliced.

plus the foam is sort of soft and the friction wil slow your passes.

sanding blocks and sureforms aren’t that haphazard when used mindfully.

"sanding blocks and sureforms aren't that haphazard when used mindfully"


Mindfully....Sanding blocks and surefoam work great, I was looking for accuracy.


I think a spirit level will help me - specially shaping from sheet foam.

I do know a small hand planer is awesome for taking the crust off PU blanks. Effortless.

I think it might be time to make a hot wire to get the bulk of my foam off.


This wont electrocute me though???