Handboards (a.k.a. cubits)... Part II.

Hey Guys,

http://www.swaylocks.com/forum/gforum.cgi?post=243475;search_string=handboards;#243475I made a post a while ago () about the design of two-handed handboards (a.k.a. mini-paipos and cubits as I later found out). I said I would post my results when complete… So here it goes.

“The Ultimate Cubit”


  • 20.5"Lx14.25"Wx1/2"(corecell) w/Bat tail

  • super mellow 5/8" semi-continuous rocker- last 6" is dead flat

  • 6oz./6oz. carbon/4oz. deck w/ very fine traction coat,

  • 6oz. carbon/4oz. w/sanded base

  • twin, removable, fully adjustable 2.5" RFC mini-skegs

  • 1lbs. 4oz. finless weight/1lbs. 8oz. w/fins

I do realize this board is ‘way’ overkill for its purpose, but I simply figured that due to its shield like shape, it may also serve as a piece of armour in tight situations!

Any of you guys (northwestgrom, w11j7b, Poobah )who posted on the last thread come up with anything new? Like to see em’ too!



Outstanding! The finest example of what’s possible when skimboard construction skills and techniques are applied to making paipos and handboards. You’ll have to fill us in on the details.

New projects?

A lingering cold and cough kept me away from dusty projects for a while. I did come up with something new…new for me at least. I call it the Hand Chopper. A multi-tasking device that functions as both a handboard and a chopping board. It’s made from an inexpensive Ikea chopping board. The handle comes precut. I just cut the ouline, surformed, sanded and then bent the nose rocker in the kitchen sink after dipping the nose in a pot of boiling water for about a minute.

I like my handholds a little farther back, maybe one third from the nose, so when I’m riding, weight on my hands doesn’t plow the nose under water…pearling.

And being a skinny weak guy, I like a smaller board with lots of concave, so it doesn’t get pushed around too much by breaking waves and whitewater, while the concaves plane right up at lower speeds, and being single concaves, digs right in when banked over in overhead waves…

Hey Poobah,

I’m liking the Hand Chopper… Quite ingenuitive, and definitely cost/time effective!

As for some more of the details on my latest board:

I vac-bagged it in two shots, on an adjustable steel rocker table. The rails are double wrapped with the 6oz carbon and 4oz. glass. I used the extra layer of 4oz. on the top and bottom as a protective coat for the airbrushing, and to cut flush at the rails edge for an extra clean rail line. For the traction coat, I used some epoxy and a copious amount of ‘yacht style’ deck traction… It goes on really smooth and thin, and suprisingly enough dosen’t irritat skin when combined with a light coat of wax. I made the wake/kite style mounts for the fins out of pigmented glass-fiber/epoxy… pretty cool fins as I can can adjust them front and back by a 1/2". The fins also have a slight amount of tow-in.

I’m going to Oz. for a year later this month, and in combination with one of Dale’s mats (on order) and a couple pairs of swimfins, I’ll have a cool little portable quiver! Definitely looking forwards to testing my new rides in some ‘warm’ water.




Nice job on the board. I am really liking the paint too. It looks kinda like my avatar. I Haven’t been building anything since I finished my first standup board, but I want to cut down a skate deck and make two boards with that. I’ll post when I’m done.