handplane sizes

thinking of making some handplanes,was thinking to do three different sizes for different conditions but not sure what excact dimensions,maybe a small one for big steep waves a medium sized one for fairly big and fairly steep waves(like an all rounder) and a big one for small mushy waves.Maybe even a mini paipo.could someone please give me basic dimensions

just a basic width and length


Hi -

I recently did a couple of handplanes.  One was more of a ‘mega handplane/mini-paipo’ thing. The big one was 24" X 14", had some nose rocker and a scooped out deck with no handle.

A more common size might be more around 12" X 8" on up to 18" X 10."  

I have seen a bunch of different designs though and never had a tape measure handy.  I think it’s a wide open field.

As John said, 8 W x 12 L is a standard size, but from there it’s up to you to be creative.

What is the new black wall material Brett?

ok thanks,that thing looks pretty crazy.


Yeah, just experimenting.

The clear is polycarbonate and the black is HDPE which you can drill sand screw, it’s floats too.

When you’re finished, show us what you’ve done Swaysurf.