handy little tool

Just thought I’d share this. Comes in real handy for pulling off tape on your boxes while the epoxy is still tacky… Also handy for trying to fill in small bubble holes. just dip in resin then stick the tip into the hole to release any air. I think I bought a pack of 5 assorted dentist picks at Ace Hardware during dollar days for just a couple of bucks.

Sorry it’s a little blurry. I’m having a hell of a time resizing images.

you found it I have been looking everywhere for that durn thing

I got this pice of chicken stuck right over here hand that to me would ya?


I kept it next to my bed

before I took it up to the labratory

and contaminated mine…

“isss it safe?”

GASP !..Weiss Angel! Weiss Angel!!!

Howzit Brose, Used to see them all the time at Ace Hardware in those plastic jars by the cashiers check out,I have one my self. Aloha,Kokua

I never take em to the shop til I have cleaned the tartar off the back of my bottom front teeth for a while…

once they go into the shop I am concerned about

what chemicals residue might do to the cultivated

tissues in my mouth not to mention the spensive crowns.


kinda lilke rotating old stock

get new one- take old one to shop

excelent for opening hole in zap top


I have several little picks with different curves. Great tools. Don’t stab your self.

Harbor Freight sells them.