Hannon Surfboards

I have a couple of Hannon longboards that I would guess are from the early sixties, both in pretty remarkable shape. Just trying to dig up some information on them and what they may be worth. I know that they were shaped in Great Neck, NY by John Hannon and I heard that his son went around buying them up after he passed away. Anybody got anything?

Hannon was in business from roughy 1962 to '68.

Got pics of the boards? They go a long way in determining value, and age.

Photos of the fins can help narrow down year of manufacture, sometimes.


Spoke with John a couple of years ago - if he died since, I haven’t heard. He was THE father of surfing in the area. Too much history to get into here…He was/is heavily into skiing and when we spoke was living in Colorado but still has a treasure trove of surfing history in his possesion - he sent reams of stuff for a historical surfing exhibit at the SAG Harbor Whaling Museum in '05. Also, one of the first inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame (The first?).

Made boards from the late fifties/early sixties till a few years after the short board came on…so, depending on what you’ve got, values could be pretty good - but the fun would be in the ride as he was a great shaper. Some of his nose-riders are still seen in the water on Long Island.

He’s a great guy - still stoked when we spoke.