Hansen 50/50 logo

I recently picked up a 1968 Hansen 50/50.

Question the logo, it doesn’t say 50/50, it says 50…

No evidence of being repaired, what gives?

They had two colors in the logo. Red and blue “50s”. The red has faded. Red always fades fastest. Check out old Greg Noll boards. The name disappears on many because the words “Greg Noll” were printed in red.


Also, how do you know it’s a '68?

Thanks Sammy, I have it waxed up and surfable but I will scrape it and seeif there is a chost ‘50’ on it.

Funny that the dims and outline are within millimeters of a '67 Bing Lightweight I have.


That is it but without the ‘Doyle Designed’ part. It’s a sweet board but a bit heavy.

If I may ask, how long have you been at this? You seem to know every logo, shaper and

fin set up on every board from the 1960’s!

Just curious, what is the board number, and any symbols or letters along with it?    It will indicate the year, and shaper.

No numbers that I can see, it’s a pintail, I bought it from the original owner who said he bought it in 1968. It’s clear with some pinlining on the nose, 8’6" by 23".

I only paid 75.00 for it, it’s a bit beat but watertight and a decent rider. Original fin but its been carved on and has the dreaded leash loop hole in it.


Is the fin a glass-on, or a single deck screw, through a box?


I started surfing in '63. Built a library (of sorts) of many magazines and books. I use that as a reference when questions come up, if I don’t know the answer from memory. Plus, I worked at a couple of surf shops in the 60s and even a small operation that did popouts. Did lots of ding repair from mid 60s to mid 90s, so I’ve seen a whole lot of different boards first-hand.

Anyway, having access to all but 4 issues of Surfer mag (1961 missing) makes it easy to look things up. Plus, reading those old mags over and over through the years set some things to memory.


Your board being 8’6" would definitely date it around late '67 to mid '68, or so. Board lengths dropped about a foot during the first year of the ‘transition’. By late '68, an 8’6" was kind of obsolete.


Has the single large deck screw with an off white fin. I looked it over again and nope, no numbers.

I agree its a transition board, my Father left me a few late '60’s gems, my first board was a Wind an Sea  ‘Mystic Model’ that he had busted the nose on. He sealed it up and gave it to me to ride. It went from an 8’6" to a 7’4" quickly. I was 6 yo, this was early 1967.

I still have it.


You mean a serial number? Many 60s boards had none, or they’re hard to find. A friend has an old Harbour and I’ll be damned if I can find a serial number on it, anywhere.

Anyway, the fin with the bolt through deck means it’s an early “short” board from Hansen. By the end of '68 they had switched to WAVESET fins, along with damn near everyone else.