Hansen 50/50mini

Not sure what happened to my original post, so here it is again.

Moved to Santa Barbara in '96, at a taco shop I saw this board on top of a SUV, checked it out and was inspired.  So I asked everyone who's car it was.  Some cheesy dude said it was his board, he just bout it at a garage sale for 25$.  Said he just thought it looked cool on top of his SUV, and stated he was waiting for it to blow off on the fwy, or for someone to steal it. 

I offered him $50, ran to a friends to borrow 50, and came home with the board. I was wondering what yearit was shaped.  Beautiful, not airbrushed, but colored resin of blue and red/orange.  Surfed it many times in the Pacific NW, and is part of my collection. 

Looking for Thrailkills input, cause he's the man.  Thanks for anyone who has comments, I'm out.  The #'s on the deck are 21491 N.  Soild 7'8" board.

Late 68 or early 69. Clues: 7’8" length and the Hansen bolt-through-deck fin system. Any newer and it would have a WAVESET box.

Per the question of who shaped your 50/50 number 21491 N; I suspect it may have been shaped by Gary Nichols, one of the factory regulars that wanted to do some shaping. Probably dates from 1969 or 1970. In any event I believe that number sequence was after I left to form SURF SYSTEMS. A number of the factory guys tried to step up into shaping. Some made it, others did not.

- Bill Thrailkill

Thanks for the info, really appreciate it.  Just need to some work to it and get it back in the water.