Hansen Doyle Model shaped by Doyle?

anybody have any idea if this could be shaped by Mike Doyle?  i believe the board to be circa 1965/66


What you have there is surfboard number 12383, the 718th  Doyle Model produced.      The dots on either side of the numerals, indicate that Fred (Buzzy) Smole, was the shaper.     Can you post a photo of the fin?       If glass-on, it’s most likely an early 1967.       If it’s a bolt-on, it’s most likely a late 1967 to early 1968.        I shaped for Hansen from 1965, through 1969.

Bill:  thanks.  fin photo attached.

Aloha Srm,

Your board looks to be in great condition.      The black pinline work, is very precise, with very fluid curves into the fin.      The best glosser at Hansen, at that time was David Burnham.    

I suspect he did the gloss work on your board.        Is there a backstory/ history on the board?

unfortunately no backstory, i am just thinking about selling the board and was researching its history.  no idea how much to ask if i decide to sell it.

Wow, look at how sharp the rails are by the fin. Is the whole board sharp-railed like that?

Hello, I have a Hansen Mike Doyle Model Surfboard purchased in October 1965.  It has 2 serial numbers on the tail of the board on the center redwood stringer.  The furthest back number says “5202” then about 6" further up the stringer it says “DOYLE 191”.  I am not sure why it says DOYLE 191.  My understanding Mike Doyle went to shape for Don Hansen in 1964 and around April 1965 the Mike Doyle model was available for purchase based on a Hansen surfboard price list that I have stating “Effective April 1965” which also says you can get the Mike Doyle Model for $20 extra.  Does anyone know if “DOYLE 191” means that he shaped this board and it would be #191 made or something else.

See attached pictures  

Thank you very much for anyone that might know or have an idea or know somebody that might know. 


Bill Thrailkill provided the information to me; which I very much appreciated.  The board was most likely shaped by Fred (Buzzy) Smole.  The Doyle 191 means that it is was #191 in the Doyle Model series.

Aloha Steve,

I just looked at the photos you posted of your Doyle 191, and you may well have that rarest of Doyle Models, one actually shaped by Mike Doyle !     The penmanship is not Buzzy’s, especially the numeral   2 … and the single dot before and after the number is not present.      So, I think you have one of very few boards shaped by Mike.    Surely a keeper.

















Wow…Bill.  It would be especially cool to show this in the Oceanside Surf Museum.  I have to say this board is almost perfect.  I know that Doyle started modeling Catalina Surfwear around the sametime in 1965.  Most Catalina Surfwear Ads were in Surf Guide Magazine.  I have a beautiful blue Catalina Surfwear jacket that has a small Hansen patch on the front and a large Hansen patch on the back. Plus matching new Catalina Surf Trunks that have the Mike Doyle tags on them.  So I would like to display that as well.  Showing Don Hanson as well as Mike Doyle.

Thanks again Bill, you sure were a craftsman in your shaping and design. I know you rode your surfboards you shaped because they were done well.  I have shaped and glassed about 6 boards including a balsa Mini Simmons, they are great wall hangers, not for riding :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for talking to me.


Thanks Bill!

Some photos

Some photos

You’ve got a rare set up.  Worth being displayed somewhere.  And Worth a few $$ to someone.

What’s the approximate weight? I’m looking at one that might be a reglass and they often turn into sinkers not riders.

What size is the mike Doyle model, if interested in selling please email me: