Hansen info please

I have found this Hansen, it is 9’-4" long 22" wide. Appears to be around 65 or 66 vintage. There appear to be no numbers or identifying marks on the board( according to the owner). However it has a unique wood grain resin job that seems strange for the boards age. So I guess what my question is, does the resin job match the age of the board? ( I didn’t think they were doing these until the late 60’s)

Thanks for your input, Dave 

That’s quite unusual. Looks like someone got creative with the resin on that one. While it isn’t what was typical for the period, you can never discount what might be someone’s playful and inventive ideas.

It’s well done a rare find, for sure.

Does it look like it’s 100% original to the board?

Possible 1964 to 1966.     Resin work was not intended to look like wood grain.     That sort of thing was called an ‘‘abstract’’ and became popular during the late balsa era, In So. Cal., appearing around 1956 or 1957.      Abtracts were also done in the layups, at Hansen, through the mid to late 1960’s.    I had one, in 1966 or 1967, that was known as ‘‘Wild Thing’’ after a popular song of the period.     The song came on the radio, as we were doing the layup, so, my colorful board became ‘‘Wild Thing.’’     That color work looks original to the board, to my eye.    The fin has a late '64 to early '65 look to it.   Look on the deckside stringer close to the tail, you may find a number, probably written in pencil.     Sometimes difficult to see.


Bill, once again thank you for the insightful lesson.