Hansen Surfboards


Did Hansen’s Surfboards make a surfboard in the Viet Nam Era for the U.S. Army?

Why do you ask? I was there 1965 to 1969. I don’t recall anything like that. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just means I don’t recall such a special order.

Viet Nam era officially (for VA purposes anyway) ended in 1975.

I’m a Vietnam Nam era Vet . Never surfed never got close to the Ocean. Heard about China Beach A couple of guys I served with were from CA and Surfed. This was 1970/71 . There is aDocumenty be made about China Beach. As I recall from the trailers seemed to be a lot of different boards. Now my question is what happened to those Boards? Are they in some warehouse on Military base? Did the NVA start a Surf team in 1975?

I wonder how many officers made off with those and OMG pendleton!
Check out California Surf Museum
China beach display…