Hansen transitional era board info

Hi , I picked this Hansen up the other day , wondering if anybody had any info on it , thanks . 

looks like a great find, got any more pics?  Dimensions?

Clues: Fins Unlimited box, no leash plug. Logo is the one used in the early 70s. This board was built around 1971-72. Nice artwork on the deck. Makes it a bit unique compared to a stock, off the rack board. Are there any markings on it at all?

Probably a 1972 board.      The artwork looks like the airbrush stencil technique of John Bredin.       AKA  Starman, around that time.     Good call, Sammy.

On bottom near fin box 

Aloha Chadhc,

I’m now solid on the 1971 date.       Your board was shaped by  Fred (Buzzy) Smole.      Buzzy moved to Idaho, in late 1971.     The single dot, before and after the numerals, was Buzzy’s designator.      Buzzy was a meticulas and skilled craftsman.       You got a good one.

Nice find and a good rider.   Tint still looks good.  It’s amazing how many boards Hansen manufactured during the 60’s —-70’s.  Sure are a lot of them around.  The most often seen board listed for sale from that era in my opinion.  Ran into three on Craigslist recently here in the Northwest.

Bill is right on about the Airbrush work John Bredin.