Any info on this Hansen board (shaped by Bill Thrailkill) that my buddy just picked up appreciated - thanks

Board size, and board number, would be helpful. The resin work makes me think this was an early 1967 board. Perhaps even a custom board for one of the shop guys The black resin circle around the fin bolt, precedes the blue paper disc (under the glass) that became the standard. It just looks like one of the earliest boards done with the then new (1967) Hansen fin system.

Bill, it has the later version of the “50-50” lam, so I’m thinking it’s a transitional shape and I’d guess it’s in the 8’ range and possibly a 68 vintage? Of course, we cannot tell much from these pics, but that lam is unmistakable.

sorry - forgot the most import pic with dims and sn, 7’3"

also - leash is bungee with leather ankle strap

The pintail, and stringer, were not standard 50/50 issue. Nor was the black around the bolt. The lam was a variation of the 50/50 lam, and was not the original one in use in 1965, when I started shaping there. I have no recollection when the later one came into use. The board number will be helpful. Either way, it’s surprising to realize the board is crowding 50 years old ! Yikes !
EDIT: Just saw the board size and number, and am of the opinion it is an early 1969 board. (one of my last at Hansen) I’m also convinced it was a custom order, for ‘‘one of the guys.’’

pic shows serial as 21338T (?) maybe

That type of leash was developed by Phil Castignola, at Select Surf Shop, in San Diego. His then, teenage ‘‘shop gremmie’’ , was making them for Phil. That teenager was the young Eric (BIRD) Huffman. The owner/operator of BIRD’S SURF SHED. That leash may be more rare than the board.

21335 T…I recognized my penmanship.