Hap Jacobs

Picked this beauty up to resell. Serial #2000. Guessing it’s a late 90’s early 2000’s? Has a fair amount of wells on deck from tail to midpoint. Any thoughts on year? A fair selling price? 


 Maybe in Jersey, but worth more than that on the West Coast.  We know who Hap is out here.

Thanks McDing. I’ll buy them for 500 all day long! Found this one for that. Sold it to a friend right after I bought it for 700 (was going to put in the shop for 800). HAP JACOBS!

Yeah that board down at Basham’s would have had a $1000 price tag on it. At least.  Lowel

Just had a guy come by hoping it was still here. He buys any master shaper boards that he sees. He said he would’ve given me 1200. And he’s no bullshitter. He buys from me a lot. Live and learn. DOH!!! 

Yeah that’s probably one of those that he did thru that glass shop in the South Bay.  Can’t remember their name.  Any of the Shapers who are from that generation are definitely “Master Shapers” .  Guys like Hap, Rennie Yater, Haut and Ole.  Prices on their boards are gonna climb in the near future.  More than anything it has to do with the fact that they are all out of that Calif. generation that was there in the beginning.  Especially the ones that were there and are still at it in some form or another.   Lowel

I’m trying to snap up all I can believe me! I think I found my niche…

The two stringers at center with painted foam is a Hap trademark.  Like Yater’s “Wedge”.  Hopefully Lauren Yater will continue to carry on the Shaping tradition.  He probably wouldn’t say so himself, but he is as good as his Pop. Yeah go get’em.  If I see anything up here in the Northwest you might be interested in, I’ll let you know.  Lowel

Foam T- Bands rule

yeah I like ‘em.  

Like a multiple stringered blank, the further apart they are the trickier they are to shape and maintain a nice outline.


Reply to # 3. I think the glass shop McDing was refering to was Shoreline Glassing, owned and operated by Mike Collins. Hap had his own shaping bay there. It was just part of a larger building that has been divided up for a lot of smaller businesses. Many of you may remember the building was originally Greg Noll’s factory from one end to the other back in the day. Used to buy my resin and glass from Eddie Talbot ( ET Surfboards) who managed Greg’s place. Hap still shapes directly across (50 ft) from there today.

Great info, thanks artdecrpid! By the way what ever happened to the finger in the jar? Ha!

I met Lauren a couple of years ago @ Taco De Mexico in Morro Bay. To me, it didn’t sound like he was still shaping. He was helping his girlfriend with a project of hers (can’t remember exactly, but I think it had something to do with all natural cosmetics?).

Ah yeah, Prepping a blank on the band saw for a stringer and off comes the thumb. For posterity, while the poor lad is seeking medical attention Greg returns to the factory and preserves the digit in a Dixie cup of resin and I do believe Greg still has to this day. I had a good friend Bobby Moore that worked out of that factory and had some good stories.

Ill never forget that story. What a crew!

I hope he does one or two  on occasion!

You are correct.  That’s it.