Happy 60th birthday Lee Vanderhurst...

Well shit and howdy... it's Lee's 60th birthday today.  Happy birthday ya old geezer!


You’re doin’ something right Lee, you don’t look a day over 59!   =)

Happy birthday buddy!

Missed you around the campfire this year

whoooo yeaah! yeww!! Ya! hAPPY Birthday Lee!,   ANnd MannnnY More!

Dang that’s old.  Probably has no business surfing anymore.  Can I have your balsa mini gun?  Mike

Hey Rooster…I guess he could now use “Old Baloney” for his handle. One of the veteran Sway’s crew can embelish on my referance.

Time to retire Lee!


we need all the old timers to chime in on this one.


happy bd to you lee.


Old age is mind over matter.  With my mind it dosen’t matter.

Happy Birthday Lee!


Hey 60 ain’t old.

I ran into my uncle at Home Depot last week. He’s gonna be 93 in 2012, and he was out shopping with my Aunt for stuff to do home improvements.

Uncle Kaui was quite a hell raiser in his day and is the father of both my oldest and youngest 1st cousins. I think he had the youngest when he was 60. He lived right on the waterfront on the gold coast of Waikiki when he was young and was a friend of John Kelly.

So Lee you’re right about at the age to have your youngest kid, and that ought to keep you busy for another 20 years.


Thanks everyone!  They say aging is all in your head.  Now why the hell did I come in this room???

Happy birthday Lee..........

The Lab is open if you need a place to shape those blanks you got for your BD........

.... Stingray.................

Yo Lee, Epic!


How’s the twisted sister, mate?


I layed up the panel for your twinzer fins today.

Found a great epoxy that lays so so so flat and clear for finish work – polishes out sweeeeet.

Happy Birthday, Rich

Happy Birthday Lee.  I guess that’s a no on the balsa board…


Rich, what’s the epoxy you found?  Mike

     Howzit Lee, Happy Birthday from an Elder by a over 3 years and yes age is in your head. I am 63 and been through hell and back but still enjoy the wind in my face and helping the young guys learn how to make boards. Life is what you make it and do the best you can and I wouldn't change a thing I have done with mine. Aloha,Kokua