happy birthay herb spitzer?

happy birthday to you

you know what to do

holler LOUD


happy birthday to you.

could it really be true

might it be a imposition?

The next set wave 's fer yew

happy birthday to you

is the r.m. breakin’ too

there’s a peak off the bar far side

going all the way through.

the whole pack has shifted

they are talking instead

herb’s the only one on it

and its bowling inside too.

happy birthday too you

happy birthday tooo yooouu

have a happy birthday

and a residual life too.

as to many more

it’s likely you’ll score

you laid all the ground work

there is no reason why not.


Porque no?

‘steve allen show’

Thanks Ambrose,

Your the first and only,so far, to remember…my wife is out of town til next week and the kids are at swim class.


Livin’ life large…w/o any pain …that’s my reward…and shaping alittle…someday maybe back up to full steam ahead!!!

Sometimes…and I know this is goin’ to sound funny…but…I miss being there…I miss my dog too…


I wonder if this is the way Steve McQueen did it…naw…I survived…your wave brose!!!

ooo…ps…my bro Ray membered…left me a voicer on the cell/and over at Harbour’s…boy! life jus gits better!!!

oh by-the-way…I thought you were watchin’ that ride…

Happy B-Day, Herb! How many trips around the sun? Mike


I had to sit down and think about this…thought I was 51.50???..naw born the year of the rooster …half rooster …half lion…half german…half japanese…makes for one mean,deadly …hard headed gardener!!!

There are entirely too many old Geezers on this website.

Hey Rog,

you know you’re gettin’ old when you’d rather take your kids to Chuckies…than go to a strip bar???

Well,maybe not that old…maybe a new business a combo chuckies/and bar???Naw it wouldn’t go over very well wit the wife.

That geezer thing got my attention. As another geezer who almost ate it a while back, I can say that each day, not just birthday, is a day to enjoy the ride! Let’s all make today the best day of our life so far eh?



Happy B Day Herb , Denises was Sat.we went up to Olympia for her 50th to see my daughter Erin and I scored Westport with Jenson on Fri. 4 to 5 offshore!!! Any way Herb have a good one brother!!! Via con Dios KP


Paul sent me the pics of your visit,some nice waves!!!

From one year of the Rooster to another - happy B’day and geeve 'em brah.




Howzit Herb,Sorry I didn't wish you happy birthday til now but i've been in transit to Az so this is a belated happy birthday greeting. Hope you had a great one and got many waves that day. Aloha,Kokua

happy birthday herb ,

and here’s “cheers” to many more , hopefully .

Great to hear you’re getting back into shaping !

keep skating keep surfing keep the stoke fired

cheers mate


happy belated b-day, saw they called it out on harbour too . . . good that lifes going good for you.

Happy belated B-day, Herb! Keith Melville just passed the 50 yard line too.

Who is Herb Spitzer and why is he having a birthday…???..

I’m getting a little misty!!! Happy Birthday Herb. Hope we can hook up again soon.

Hey Herb,

Happy Birthday!!!

As for your gift, I’m getting you a traction pad off of ebay!!! haha! :wink:



Yes Herb, Happy Birthday!! I’m in too, 7/25/56, woke up feeling 50, had my coffee, felt 49 again…

Who am I to wish you a happy birthday, Herb? We don’t even know each other, right? Besides, did you wish MINE? (An egoïst is a man who never cares about ME…) Kidding, man, of course.

We know each other through Sways a little bit and being interested in the same things in life is enough…

Well, I am really, really late for this birthday greeting thing (how could I miss this post untill now?), so please understand that if I am the last to do it, I am the first to wish you NEXT YEAR’s birthday, OK?

WOW !!! This is too much !!! my gut hurts from laughing so much ,ouch…LOL…OUCH…lol…ouch…lol…