Happy Birthday Bill Thrailkill

just wishing a happy birthday to Bill T… 

Hey Bill, happy birthday!

Yes it’s a joke, maybe a bit oblique. 

I know Bills been a surfer / shaper for ages, I ask for his input on my new ideas thru PM’s and I value his comments when I’m lucky enough to receive them.

Bill has shown me that the best shapers become a font of knowledge and good karma for the rest of us.

 And I know he’s not 21.

wishing you the very best !


Happy B Day, Mr. Thraikill!  Hope you get some surf today.  Mike

Yes, that post is in fun.

Happy B’day, Mr Thrailkill. I hope you had a great day, and many more coming.

Hey bill, happy birthday. Hope all is well.

Whos Bill Thraillkill ?

 Probably one of these cool hipster emo kids in his 20's whose never surfed the islands but his dads funding his shaping career that only started last week !

 Hey Bill, get a job !!!  And a haircut !!!

Wait for it, this Bill kid is surely gonna come out with a ' new fin design ' or something to try to get some cred in the industry... sheeesh !!

 I hate these newbies !!


Happy 21st Birthday Bill and may you have many more.

Happy birthday Bill Thrailkill …and may we continue to benefit from your solid input on Swaylocks for many years to come !


Is this post supposed to be a joke???

The heart of 21 years and the wisdom of 21 squared.  Happy Birthday Bill, you are a treasure here.

Happy birthday, B-Dog!! (as my students would say)  Hope to see ya at the museum one of these days!  Warm water, point surf, and a brand new 10-0 are in your future!!

To the above Gentlemen/well wishers,

To each of you I say Thank You.     I very much appreciate that you took the time to wish me well.    Thanks again.

Aloha Nui,

nothing like the next 39th year.

If jack benny were availiable 

we could have him play 

happy to you on the 



and many MORRRRRRH.


am I the first

of all those below?

Yes Happy BIrthday! And thanks for the inspiration and the knowledge so willingly shared!

Many more Bill.  Take a trip to the Islands this year.  Air fares are down for Spring time.Treat yourself.  Lowel