Happy birthday Dower !

have a great one mate !!!

…hope you get some waves …

it’s on the 26th august , for anyone wanting to hand deliver the zimmer frame to him .


HEY CHIPS ! ya cwozzy !(crazy wozzy) what are you doin’ ?!

Thanks, man.

please hurry with zimmer frame. i’m gonna need it today.

gotta go, the orderly says my computer time is up and i have to take my meds.

the other folks in the home here were gonna sing “happy birthday” to me, but no one could remember the words…

…they mustn’t have Alzheimers , then , at least !!

so , what are you in for , daz ? …don’t worry mate , you’re in good hands …young “Shwuz” will look after you . If you behave yourself [yeah , right !! ] , he may even set up a shaping bay for you there …

here ya go , mate …

…but don’t ‘open’ it till tomorrow , okay ?


sorry, I couldn’t wait. just opened it. just what i needed !

a little low to double as a shaping stand though…