Happy Birthday..............

To Marty(Kim Hammrock’s Hubby) and uh??? ME! Ha! let’s see ,don’t drink anymoe,don’t druggie it anymoe,well guess I’ll go mix a batch of overly styrened lamo and go respo free…that should do it.Herb

I met Danger Woman and her side kick Danger Dog at Tamarack. she was filming a surf instruction video there. a Very Cool chick indeed and she can shred. Marty is one lucky dude…Happy B-day Herb and Marty…

Happy B-Day Herb!

Man, I was thinking about what a great tip you left us with way back when. Still thinning my acrylic paints with high end acrylic floor sealer.

Latest variation is to brush on two coats after I’ve taped off my pinlines on epoxy hotcoats. No more bleeding pinlines once the sealer is used, back-to-back colors no problem. Cheers.

Tom S.

kim kills it. i saw her at the malibu tip riding contest and she was absolutley destroying malibu. her daughter is a ripper too


…Sometimes,a few guys w/ bruised egos will mock her as she’s out positioning them for the 5th time in 6 waves.

…Just at that moment of distraction!..I like to paddle over into there blind side and give them a stone-dead doc holiday look,and say w/ a very psycho-homocidial tone, ,“DAMM MOTHER FU*CKER GOT BLOOD ON MY BEST CLOWN SUIT !”…At that point… they usual paddle off looking back to make sure I don’t follow…I then say,“lost my meds again, DAMM IT! The last time that happened I ate the neighbors dog”

Kim and Marty just laugh…(I worked in the Cal.state psycho-Hospital system for over 8 years)…they know I’m crazy!

…Happy b’s on me Mart.Herb

and single again…Marty would probably kill me for dated Margo…if mart failed… Kim would finish it up ,I’m sure!Herb

Well Herb, I guess if it’s your birthday… Happy Birthday! Hope you’re enjoying it in style!!

Howzit Herb, Happy Birthday, mine was Wed. Aloha, Kokua

Happy Birthday Herb! Hey Kokua, my bd was Wed. too. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Herb…you are old,old as the hills,over the hill.Better reserve a place in the parking lot so you can stand around and talk story. RB

Another year goes by!

Happy b-Day

Mark Scott

Happy birthday and many more to you!

OUCH…my aching head !

I was suppose to meet some music celebs at the beach today,OOPS.Thanks and a happy-painfree b’s to yous as well folks.Herb

 Howzit Keith, And a Happy belated Birthday to you, I guess that makes us birthday bros. Aloha, Kokua

Hey Herb – your one crazy brother! Stop in some time for a look at the three ring circus up here. Happy Birthday – belated (one day)


…I have a transplanted friend up your way,Bart H. He owns (in part or whole) the shipyard in S.B.

…I use to build Bart boards etc., back when,but haven’t heard from him in years.A mutal friend re-united us by email.At first he was really happy to hear from me…that is until I mentioned that very localized, little break at the harbor mouth entrance as my fav break in that area…I think you know the break.

…I have heard from him since…human behavior is a sick-twisted trick on humankind …don’t you think?

…Will be up your way in mid Sept.Maybe we can meet-up a share a meal.Herb

Anytime Herb, just give me a heads up in advance and I’ll clear the slate for a grind, for sure.

Sandspit’s no secret. There are so many great surfers who show up there when it’s on, it’s a show. Still, there are times, or moments when you have to pinch yourself that this is real. Don’t tell anybody else.

I look forward to meeting you… until then.

Birthday? birthday b i r t h d a y , on the cusp thee lay in the lap of the sleeping lion slowly awakening to the yearly moon cycle where the roaring is melodious and well meaning,entreating all to make merry,any at the month long party not at the peak of enjoyment is a personal defeat for the king of the Jungle…bless your lives young at heart lions and may your surroundings be to your liking and may all in your sphere reflect the feeling of unbridled well being you are entitled to as sons of the leonine pride from my kingdom to yours …ambrose…happy birthday von Spitzer . el Willdog and illuminated Mellville…shall the roar rattle the ramparts? yes it will

Thanks to all this years event was a weird one for me to say the least! Herb

Howzit Brother Brose, Being on the cusp of cancer and leo makes us either roaring crabs or mellow lions. Just dropped of catalyst and fin boxes at Basa’s,he said now he can finish your boards. Aloha, Kokua