happy birthdays to 'Hicksy' , and to 'Balsa' !!

...all the best on your day of days !


  [ and , thanks facebook , for bringing it to my attention !]






Thanks, guys. Turning 56, so i’m supposed to be on the down side but i can’t say I really feel like it… I guess i’ll hang in there for some more time, you’d better get used to it.

Hey Hicksy, happy birthday, bro. Great minds think alike…

Happy Birthday Balsa! Your a lucky man. You have talent and your health.

Kind regards,

michael aka surfding

...and a good [if somewhat FRENCH ,  perhaps ?!] sense of humour ... [ essential to mental health ]


  cheers !





just a kid, %6?

yeah just a kid

saw this hundred year ol’man

he’s a hundred three now

just thought you would

appreciate a role

you could play farther on



down the road…


aloha from waipouli



chords and lyrics


… ambrose…

live long and prosper

      Howzit balsa, I was still going strong at 56 and I imagine I would still be going strong at 62 if it weren't for the cancer that really threw me a sucker punch. Aloha,Kokua

nice !!


and , many thanks for posting those lyrics up , Amby !


  [as I forgot my headphones...' d'oh !'  ..... Well, maybe I'm young at heart , with a failing memory ? bwahahah !]