Happy New Year

To Mike, and everyone else here

Have a great 2007

Keep the faith - stay stoked

Well worth checking out


The Greek segment is well worth waiting for

Awesome, Simon!

I wondered when you & JMoe were going to put up a link…I saw it when it was first done. :slight_smile:

I really like how pretty much everything Bill Barnfield talk about in his review of that other shaping video was illustrated by Bob. Unlike that youtube shaper, The Greek finishes the bottom before flipping to the top, finishes with the planer before going to sanding (and then doesn’t go back to power), makes very few measurements along the way, and only uses a surform for a few strokes on the deck in the inside curve of the nose. Very smooth.

Jereme said he never stopped moving and it was far less than an hour.

Hope Barnfield sees it. His thread on ‘elite’ shaping helped me get my movements down so much…shaping had been a several hour process before, but the very nexy board I shaped after reading Bill’s posts was about 70 minutes to glass-ready. And watching this video confirms the value of Bill’s advice.

Happy newyear Guys

With climate change a real threat, this year i’ve decided to get myself the ultimate eco surf exploration ride.

Best wishes for 2007 Cheers Joe

Ps cool vid!