Harbour Cheater Fin Template

i’d like to find a fin template like this:

can anyone help?

thanks in advance.

I can import any pic file into Autocad and send to you a DWG template, or maybe post the measurements every 1 inch.

Send to me a bigger pic:

This is from a WAVESET ad of the same vintage, more or less. Looks like the same outline.

If it’s a similar fin you need, check out El Gato, Sparky, Infinity Classic, or maybe a FCS Fatboy. For a template, it shouldn’t be that hard to freehand something close?

thanks for all the input guys. it’s been a help. i probably should have used the search function more effectively, but it’s not always easy to find stuff. maybe we should start a definitive all-encompassing fin template thread wherein people post up any templates they have. it could become a permanent sticky thread at the top of the discussion page. it’d be a great resource. just a thought.

Hi oldy, I make the Cheater for Rich Harbour. Give me a call at the factory 310-530-1383, I will be more than happy to make you one. Mahalo,Larry

Hi oldy, Opps to far to call, give me a PM. Mahalo,larry