Hardware Store MEKP

Hello all,

I have a few quick questions regarding MEKP (I searched the archives to no avail). Is the MEKP sold at the local hardware stores and box stores the same as the surf industry uses? Is the peroxide % different? Are there any issues with yellowing? Catalyzing? Delam? Etc… Any precautions to take (kick faster, kick slower, more surfacing agent, etc…?) And lastly has anyone here used any hardware store MEKP with success or failure? Thank you for all of your help in advance. This is such an incredible online community, cheers to all. Regards Harvest.

you can always do a test panel… and report back!

I’ve used it with no issues. Believe it or not, none of the raw materials used in surfboard making are surfboard specific. Surfboard manufacturers just found marine/aero/industrial stuff that worked and used it.


Thank you. Cheers Harvest.

Is the MEKP solvent that you find in the gallon cans the same as the MEKP catalyst you find in the little tubes? I gotta feeling they aren’t the same thing.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone is a solvent, used much like acetone, and sold in the gallon cans.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide is an organic oxidant. Those extra oxygen molecules make it a completely different animal.

Aahaaaaaa! That’s why my hotcoat is still runny after a couple of weeks…

LOL. I doubt you really did that, but…

At least you put SOMETHING in there, hotcoating without catalyst is a common factory disaster,

compounded directly by the size of the batch and how many you’ve brushed out before you realize

you forgot something…