...has anyone here watched these videos ?

I was particularly interested to watch Chris O’Rourke [R.I.P] surf …

…and , in this movie, to see Skip Frye , ride his massive mal , and tiny fish boards . Legend .

cheers !


Hey chip, i have outsiders and its a good video. lotsa good testimony and some great surfing.

The Joey Buran and Skip Fry parts are good, but it would have been better if they showed more of Skip on his big fish.

Dont know if i’ve seen the other vid, but i seem to remember the Chris O’Rourk story from a video somewhere…


Ben, I think I’ve seen those in the shops. I’ll check them out. I’m not really interested in listening to others testimonials, but glad they found Faith. Mike

I remember those as being quie interesting ----along the same line of ‘interesting’ i just found a copy of The Sunshine Sea" from the early 70’s and right at the beginning there is a couple of waves by george grenough that are just magic! the film also has a bunch of mat , body and knee surfing----an interesting look backward and whatever.

Chip- I think we have 'em both somewhere, would you like me to send them to you? Will they work in Australia? I hear the drains swirl the other direction down there. Both films are sweet and you can never get enough Skip. Hup-ho! Steiny

Hey Chip,

I own both of them and I think you should definitely check these vids out. There is some great surfing, and it is also really cool to hear these guys share their faith.

hope you get a chance to check them out. Brad

I liked “The Outsiders”.

But my favourite from Walking On Water is Noah’s Arc.