Has anyone seen the F3 fin box system?

Same question. Pics would be nice.

Noel, I think this box is from Hong Kong. No pics sorry!

Same here, has anyone see this F3 system?? it seems it is fcs and futures compatible…which sounds good

This?i just googled it.






I use it in many boards. FCS and Future compatible. Fit in boards like future boxes.

Sorry for my frenglish

Anyone using these F3 boxes nowadays?

Good luck. It entered unicorn status years ago.

Really? Seabase still talks about them on their site for new boards?

they don’t have it any more in hossegor for long time.

Thanks Lemat. What does “in hossegar” mean?
It seemed a great idea and they look lovely, was it just a failure of marketing or did they actually not function as well as they looked?

Hossegor is a town in France.

Drop the H when you pronounce it .

Soorts-Hossegor is a commune in the Landes department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France, 20 km north of Biarritz. It is well known as a seaside resort and surfing center, considered as one of the best surfing locales in the world. -Wikipedia

Helter, LOL funny that you found an 11-year old thread on F3 but got skunked by the name of a little town in France.

Anyways, keep on looking. There was an open-source 3D printable version of a FCS+Futures compatible box, launched by Surffoils and RDM a few years ago…

I beta testest this product 8 or 9 years ago. I thought it would take off but something happened on the business side of things and my distributor stopped promoting the product for reasons unknown to me. Stick with futures or whatever fins you already have the most of. Glass ons are the bomb also for personal boards.

Photos of the jig and futures and FCS insert

The first time I saw these boxes was in Greg Wild (wildy)'s build thread of the boards in his avatar aeons ago. My head started spinning with the possibilities it offered.
I wasted hours scouring the interweb and sent emails to seabase, as they appeared to be the only source. Never heard a thing. Charlie (BB30) seems to have had the last interaction with the system. Bummer.
Helter, aren’t you in UK? If so, are you far from seabase headquarters?

I gave all the router jigs and extra boxes to a fellow swaylock member 5 years ago. He was from California and had family in Hawaii. I forgot his name. He was a board builder and probably has some pics of his Fin F3 installations. Also the boxes that were given to me seemed to be a more brittle plastic compared to futures boxes. I thought the developer was from California and the boxes were manufactured in China. I could be wrong. A bit complicated due to the insert that is just asking to be lost.

They had some problem with plastic that break around screw. A common problem with other system too.

Ha, I got skunked by the lack of capital H! I know of Hossegor and been to that area several times. The lack of an H made me think it was some kind of phrase like “gone to the dogs”. I was overthinking it it seems!! :smiley:

Thanks BB, they look SO sweet! Bit disappointed, I had visions of trying these out on next board! Oh well, yep glass on I think it will be instead

I am in UK yes, and I can get to Seabase yeah. Next time I am in the area I will go and try to get the low down. Surely after nearly 10 years its about time they stopped advertising boards with these fins in, I could have gone there to buy one! :smiley: