has anyone tried MAX CLR EPOXY?

i was just looking on ebay and a company called MAX CLR has alot of different epoxy resins.

they seem to have a different type of epoxy for all applications, boat building bonding, but they say they have a resin that is crystal lear and works well with surfboards.

if anyone has had any expereience with this resin system let me know how it went.

the data sheet says the resin has very similar properties to resin research, but it is much cheaper.

hopefully you guys can help me find out if this resin is worth it.

at only 350 for 7.5 gallons i think that is a great deal. i just want to know if anyone has had any success using it.

-J.D. Lloyd

JD- I bought a gallon last year. Very slow to harden, difficult to work after 24 hours seems that I had to wait 48 hours to sand. I use a digital scale to measure so my ratios were accurate. I will say it did a good job as a final glossing resin, very clear and flows out nicely. They also have a selection of colorants that look decent.

Tom S.