Haut Shop on surfline!

Just a heads up…really cool bio piece on the Haut shop in Santa Cruz on Surfline…

I think it might be the last shop in California that still builds the boards in the back and sells them out the front…shaping, glassing etc all under one roof…

check it out…



might be the last shop to make em in back and sell them out front… what an absolutely pathethic state of the union!

Not too many shaping/glassing/retail places left anywhere in the world… Understand how factories cant exist in most commercial/residential areas any more…Thats why when one is still around…its important to visit and support it…



doug haut

bob pearson  (and crew ; dane perlee, carl olson, andrew barker)

john mel


thank god for these guys...

Haut is the only one who still does it all in one place…

Dane is the best surfer/shaper I have ever seen…

and John Mel runs the best real surf shop/sales in town!



Peter Costello did an artistic Haut tribute awhile back...


Curious Nutty, would the popouts you guys do have anything to do with the demise of this type of surf shop?

20 /20 Hindsight…is the popout bad for the traditional shop…build them in the back…sell them in the front?  most of them were gone already due to issues with environmental safety and inconsistent labor.  I do think the glut of offshore boards has hurt the domestic board builders, but the good shapers , glassers, craftsmen are still full of work.

the Tradition of being able to shape, glass and retail in one place is going away for reasons beyond just popouts…We need a greater appreciation of the craft from the consumer end…one of the reasons Sacred Craft is such a good idea…and we need surfers willing to pay craftsmen for the work…and on and on…




i like the idea maybe it will come back.

im trying to start something in costa mesa-newport. 

doing research now and product development

good luck to wingnut and mr h!

To survive:

build quality

charge a fair price

treat your customers like gold

deliver deliver deliver!


Look into,grok, & practice Lean Manufacturing

In Byron Bay, there's 4 first class, old style establishments within about 200 yards-  North Coast Surfboards - Brett Monroes - Town& Country and Mike Cundith just down the road.

thanks nutty,

i know it was an old post announcing the Haut story  but i never actually got to see the article and pictures all finished, thanks for bringing it to our (my) attention.