have a fin you dont use?

im looking for a 7.5 inch (half inch more or less wont kill me) stiff fin with lots of rake for my favorite shortboard. the fin i have right now just wont let me draw out my turns as far as id like, its got too much pivit. i surf this board mostly at point breaks so i want to turn longer and smoother.

id go buy one at the surf shop but im too poor and honestly cant even come close to affording a 50 dollar fin. i make rent by like 10 dollars a month.

if you have an old fin laying around id that you would be willing to sell for not too much money id love to have it. i can also give you a pair of occy fins or a leash for trade if your interested. or ill wash your car or something. your pick.

im located in ventura.

thanks in advance.