Have at it

You tell me…


If the fin in the center concave were not raised above, But recessed flush…


If the v portions  of the fin were actually foiled,  instead of appearing to be barely blunted flat red plexiglasss


Then id give it a go,  if offered,  with zero to slightly more effort on my part in order to try it, and then form opinions  only afterwards.


Interesting though.  Think id like center concave to be either longer or shorter than rail concaves for aesthetics and strength distribution, and begin less abruptly. 

very cool - have you ridden it?  shaper?

Not mine, no one knows who made it. I would sure love to give it a surf tho  

No markings. 

If the Cambell bros and Velzy had a child?? 

Whoever made it wasn’t afraid to step up and swing haha. 


My take is based on the fins having some foiling:

The angled fins will have the effect of pulling the tail into the water (in the directon of the curved foil).

The channels will add grip, especially in the tail.

I’d think that the board will track like hell, especially when it gets hollow, pull you backwards over the falls and then slice you with blunt fins.

But it won’t spin out on the bottom turn :wink:

If the board is as old as it looks in the pics, it was certainly ahead of its time.