Have Fish...what next?

I have been surfing longboards for 30 years and I decided on whim to buy a traditional fish at about 6’4". How and the hell do I surf this thing? Any tips, suggestions, disclaimers? I assume my pop-up will be alot quicker than on my longboards. thanks, adam

  1. see archives 2. don’t give up 3. you won’t “feel it” for at least 4 sessions 4. after the 4th session block out much time for new found addiction

i think much of the surfing population has forgotten that adaptation, interpretation, and evolution makes us who we are and what we ride. give yourself some time to get used to the manueverability and speed the fish has to offer, and you’ll find that you’re a much better surfer than you think you are or could have ever been. sticking to the same kind of shapes day in and day out turns us into specialists, but specialization can lead to stagnation if one doesn’t throw variety into the mix. learning how to surf a fish is learning how to drive at 100 MPH–subtlety and control play a huge factor, along with patience and humility. relax. don’t forget to have a good time. let the wave dictate what you can or cannot do. too much emphasis on the board, your stance, or your sticker placement and you’ll lose sight of what’s most important–having fun… http://www.mandalacustomshapes.com