have you ever seen

a longboard with keel fins?

48 views and no replies. must not be too many of keel fins on longboards. there are only a couple of twin fin longboards in the archives, too. I’m thinking of slapping a couple of symmetrical wood keel 9x5s on my 9’1" with just a skosh of toe-in, whaddayathink?

does a winged keel count? gotta love that StarFin!

That would be fun to ride…Although I definitely wouldn’t go with a skosh of toe-in, but possibly a tad. :wink:

It’s not my area of expertice. But, don’t King Fish sport keel fins?

I have and ride one of those (not two at the same time though!) It’s a really different feel…

What fins did Skip have on his huge boards that he used on his north-then-south (or south-then-north) Cliffs surfing expeditions?

perhaps asymmetrically aligned symmetrical fins? Toe-in of a tad on the frontside fin and a skosh on the backside one? But what if I then switch-stance??? And my fin first takeoffs would be very confusing…

Clyde Beatty makes them but not too many these days.

Hey Keith , Denise was out in the front yard with Ginger and a lady walks by with a dauchsen and its name was Roxy, too funny! AAAnyway I had some keels when Nat Young was here doing Crystal Voyager and that is a good film to watch to see how they work.Only Nat could ride that board. I dont think the keels would go on a longboard. I have a bunch of Tracks mags with design articles on keels from that time, Pat Morgan from Torquey was the guy who started the thing , riding and shaping for big long walls of Bells.With longboards I think you would be takin a quick trip to the tip for a sideslip.Unless it was a nice pulled pintail??

I suspect you’re right there KP! Maybe I’ll try it anyway, I can always grind them off later… I was thinking of an ittty bittty trailer fin just to hedge the bet… maybe I should just mount the keel fins on end, eh?

make em outta rail cutoff foam with a bottom flange and zap a gap em to the bottom and just hot coat em low weight and low commitment…ambrose…acetone disolve cuts zap a gap so ya can relocate fin when tired…no grinder implications

yater has done a few that I looked at. Twins more like thruster templates, not keels. I’m not sure if he liked them or not but they were around for a while and he tested them out.


1959 Bing concave twin fin

you can’t be a leader if you can’t say “mixed messages”

sounds good, but what the heck is zap a gap? some kind of expando-foam-glue?

i’ve got one, too…it’s a lot of fun. it rides REAAAALLLLYYY loose, but it drags a bit and doesn’t paddle as fast as other fins.


a longboard with keel fins?

hi Keith !

I don’t think it was a longboard , as in a 10’ noserider or something, more like a long board, but… Scott Bass, over at the surfermag site has an orange [twin ] keel which , from memory, was about 8’ [??], I think. It was a pretty old post, it might be best to ‘pm’ him, maybe he can send you the photo. [It was in a quiver shot , so maybe it was an old ‘quiver’ thread?]

In the meantime, here’s a shot from about ? 1974 ? of SINGLE keel longer boards , which has a Dick van Straalen and a Pat Morgan or two in the photo, I believe!

If you look on my ‘fin photos’ thread, I think I posted a shot of one of Pat’s smaller, wooden SINGLE keels [compared to nat’s monster!!].

Wayne Lynch was the other guy who test piloted them, being that Pat Morgan was / is a fellow ‘Vicco’ [that’s Victoria, Australia]… see The Surfer’s Journal Wayne Lynch / Tom Carroll edition video / DVD…

 I hope this helps! 


[I think the longer board in the attached photo is about 8’ from memory…don’t know how to scan the article so it’s readable, unfortunately!]

I forgot to mention…

A year ago, I’d drawn up five different templates of single keels for my 7’ single fin [pintail, with finbox]. Just got to get some wood to draw them onto, cut them out of, foil then glass 'em, and see how they go ! [ Like I said, not a longboard, but a longer board [than the 5’11 fish I ride, anyway!]]

Here’s a shot of the 7’er I want to try 'em out on …yes, Soulstice, gotta love the winged keel!! [I often put one on this, and it’s HEAPS of fun… our beaches are pretty well weed-free now! which helps …]


okay, off to bed now 1.10am sunday here now… seeya later!

like super glue cryocianic razz ma jazz glue big bottle application dries and sets in seconds and disolves in acetone…ambrose…door opening to quick apps

…Simmons built a few back in the early 50s…

…According to The conversations I had with Dempsy Holder,back in the days…

…A MAN AHEAD OF HIS TIME…foresure !Herb

…if you see me running by you…you’d better catch up!

stiffened up those slidy 18’’ tails i’ll bet… dignosis diagonal track a saurus rex …ambrose …how bout simmins brothers tu tu ?