Hawaii Earthquake

Been following news about the 6.3 earthquake that occurred this morning in Hawaii.

Hope all the Swaylock brothers are OK. Seems like power is out all over the place and mudslides on roads so communications and movment on the islands may be difficult.

I hope everyone is doing OK! Not much here on the news…

They settled on 6.6. Power is on here in some areas of Maui , but not the whole Island as of yet. No tsunami. No damage. It shook pretty darned hard. There is damage on the Big Island. Honolulu still has all power out. Some flights have been canceled. Kauai did not lose power, but flights in and out of Lihue are being held up due to the problems in Honlulu.

Power came back on in Palolo around 6:30pm. With the exception of my extremely upset wife, no damage to report in town. Windward side is still out-upset wives over that side too, apparrently.

Centered in S. Kohala, more damage in that area, as you can see from the news.

Hilo side felt the shake, Hamakua Coast road closed due to rock falls, not that much damage here.

Wife and I had just jumped into the sea, on paddleboards, didn’t feel a thing, like it never happened, for us.

(monkey) business, as usual.

I never got to feel the effect of the tremors here on Oahu as I was searching for surf with a visiting friend and was probably on the road when the earthquake occured. I was surprised when my wife called me as we were checking out a secret spot telling me how that house had shaken and walls creaked, etc. We ended up surfing Haleiwa with a horde of groms practicing for a menehune contest being held later on this morning. Luckily damage and injury has been minimal from what I’ve heard. I work for the electrical utililty here and ended up being called in to help get the generating units in Pearl City back online. We were let go around 7pm and I was stoked to come home to a house with the lights on. I do hope the island will have full coverage by the end of the night. As of right now I think more people are in the dark than have power.

Thank god the power came back on in Palolo just as it was getting dark. It’s 1 am and a lot of my friends still are w/out power. No power= No work. Rocky point was firing, got some great barrels and broke my board. Sucks but I’ve been wanting to build my own version in EPS with a double stringer.

Palolo…I lived on Maluhia for about 4 years. logged in a lot of time at Lighthouse. As far as the earthquake goes, I was under the impression that the wife and I were the only ones that didn’t feel it. Everyone in the neighborhood felt it rocking. Noticed the power had blinked and latter found a few small items knocked over. We were out walking the dog cause it was onshore and flat. The wife did feel one this morning at 4am. We get our share of quakes from the volcano. That’s one reason I built a ferrocement house. We don’t really worry about fires, hurricanes, termites, or quakes.

Howzit punasurf, Barely a rattle here on Kauai but I was awake and felt it and the second one a few minutes later. CNN was on it in a matter on minutes after it occurred and kept reporting into the evening. So there was another after shock last night? Aloha,Kokua

Hey Kokua,

Not sure if you’d call it an aftershock or just one of the regular ol’ quakes from the volcano. We live right in the middle of the East Rift Zone, so quakes are not uncommon. Tried to log onto the usgs site which maps out all quakes, but the site was down this morning. Can you believe it though? You felt in all the way over there and we didn’t even notice. We must have really been spacing.